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MWC 2009 Barcelona – Day 1: Microsoft

February 17, 2009

At yesterdays MWC conference, Microsoft revealed an expected update to Windows Mobile, now up to 6.5, available later in the year. Changes include a revamp of the home screen, considerations in the interface for touch usage as well as tweaking the way user access features. One such example is the new locked home screen where icons are displayed for emails or missed called and voicemails; users swipe the icon of the feature they wish to access which unlocks the device and takes the user immediately to the chosen function. Behind the new home screen and menu icons are still the same old looking interface menus with the device status icons along the top, Windows menu and close button.


The menu screen sees a change to the layout of the icons from grid to a honeycomb to improve access using fingers. Separation of the icons helps users with sausage fingers and no access to Homer Simpson’s dialling wand.

Changes to Internet Explorer Mobile claim improved rendering on the go offering a desktop quality rendering.

With the mobile phone carrying lots of important information, contacts, emails, messages, pictures, notes, documents etc, the potential of losing it all either through a software problem or losing the device altogether is ever present. Microsoft announced My Phone, a service to add to the number of mobile data backup services. Direct regular backups from the handset to the service can be setup. Storage will be around 200Mb and the data can be pulled back down to a new handset.



To add to the service aspect, Microsoft also announced a software marketplace, a central repository of applications, utilities and games. Nothing new here but as with Apple’s and Nokia’s upcoming marketplace, users will only have to look in one place for the majority of their needs.

Finally, Microsoft unveiled Recite, available as a free technology preview. It allows users to record voice notes and then to search them with their voice. No need to fumble around the menus and type your thoughts, just set Recite as a shortcut and talk away! Available for Windows phones, version 6.0 onwards.


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NXE For Xbox 360 Is Now Live!

November 20, 2008

The New Xbox Experience is live and has been on general release since 10am GMT yesterday when it began to roll out to Xbox 360 consoles worldwide.

Using the interface for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. The added 3rd dimension to the layout means the plain evenness, that the original dashboard had, is broken up.

After the update is installed you can customise your avatar. Whilst doing this, you can control the expression on the avatar’s face as well as being able to make him/her spin and get dizzy (try this one to extreme for an even funnier outcome!). After customising your avatar

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