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A Problem with the Nokia N97

July 17, 2009

Nokia N97 - Low memory error - I’ve had the Nokia N97 for a few weeks now and am getting used to the small niggles and problems that were observed during the initial setup of the device along with some minor awkwardness scrolling the menus due to being left-handed. One of the biggest, if not THE biggest problem with Nokia’s flagship(!) handset is the way storage has been implemented and used on the handset.

The N97 has multiple drives of these the main areas intended for user access are:

C: drive which could be considered the system drive, traditionally applications would be installed here as it is always available to the phone/system and is supposed to be the fastest in handsets with just a central storage and a memory card;

E: drive, the large 32GB storage provided for your videos, music and other files;

F:, if you have a memory card inserted into the card slot, it will appear as the F: drive and can be used as additional storage for photos from the camera and any other applications that let you select this drive.

How Drives Are Handled
In my experience from previous S60 handsets with a main storage and card storage, the main storage (C: drive) would be substantial in size. This would make it ideal for storing emails, messages, and installing applications. The memory card wasn’t suitable for such things as it would cause applications to slow down, probably due to the access speeds via the card reader and the speed of the card itself. Additionally, when the phone is connected to a Windows PC via USB, the card drive is mounted and anything on it becomes inaccessible from the phone itself, not a problem as everything of importance was installed on the C: drive.

With the N97, the miniscule size of the C: drive at 73MB makes (with around 40-50MB free from new) it impractical for installing anything other than the most important applications and maybe a theme. After setting up most of my applications to the Mass Memory (E: drive) and only using C: for the essential apps, messages and a theme from PiZero, with other apps installed to E:, I have 10.1MB left. Since installing the C: drive optimisation update, something has eaten up around 8MB, possibly the Web browser’s cache.

Use PC Suite Mode
So what can you do? To start with, when connecting the phone to the PC to transfer files, stick to PC Suite mode. In Mass Storage mode, the drives are mounted and Mass Storage (E:) and the Memory Card (F:) become unavailable to the phone. As space saving on C: becomes almost an essential ‘house-keeping’ task, inevitably, you may have installed applications to the Mass Storage and maybe even moved your messages there. During connection to the PC this drive becomes unavailable in PC Suite mode and so your apps and message store is unavailable. If your theme was installed there, the phone will default to one of the default themes. If you receive a message whilst the phone is connected in this way, it may be saved to the C: drive, splitting your message store. So, stick to PC Suite mode.

Move and remove non-essential items
Additionally, clear out the cache of the Web browser and if you have Google Maps installed, the downloaded mapping data maybe taking up valuable space, clear this go to Options > Tools > Reset Google Maps.

To keep things clear, ensure in the camera settings that you are using Mass Memory or Memory Card to store the pictures you take. If you haven’t moved your message store over to Mass Memory, ensure you delete unnecessary messages and installation files you have have transferred over the the phone. If you wish to move your message store go to: Messages > Options > Settings > Other > Memory in use. If after moving your messages to the E: drive, and you connect the phone in PC Suite Mode, you may be able to switch the phone to Offline/Flight mode to ensure you do not receive any messages whilst the E: drive is unavailable. Once you have finished working in PC Suite, return the phone back to an online profile to receive any messages queued up by the network. This cannot be used when carrying out a software update however as you require an online profile such as General.

Check with all other applications that you use to see if they have an option to change the drive they use for any storage.

Hopefully in future, Nokia will create a larger primary partition/drive for applications and other files that won’t become unavailable when connected to the PC and so will ensure there are no running problems due to limited space on the primary drive. Until then, N97 users and those using handsets with a similar setup, will ahve to watch what they install, where they install and where their apps save data. There should also be an option to clear out the temp folder on the C: drive safely, I didn’t advise clearing out the temp folder in case something important gets saved there by an application whilst in use, but is always an option.

Incidentally, the image you see at the top about the limited space on drive C:, that only appeared as I was writing this article and I’d never seen it before, so it was worth a picture!


Apple Activation Server Error, Server Down?

June 17, 2009

What happens when there is a rush to buy and activate iPhones….Apple’s activation server goes kaput.

What happens when a long awaited release such as iPhone OS 3.0 go live on iTunes, people want to update so they can use Cut Copy and Paste as well as this new fangled MMS. So many people try to update that once again, the activation server goes down.


Thanks to another service known for its dubious reliability, Twitter, word is getting around that the small trick of disabling your internet or network connection will let the update take place.

Credit to @Thiebes for the activation server error solution:

Important note: I found that if backup of contacts to the online service, like Yahoo Contacts, is enabled, iTunes will try to connect to the Internet and sync contacts. As the Internet connection needs to be cut, this will fail and cause the update to halt. Carry out a contacts sync before hand with the internet connection on and then change method of contacts backup or disable it.

When you click on the pop-up saying there is an update, asking if you want to install, click OK or Install, if I remember correctly.

The popup window should change to displaying a progress bar that flashes green along its length, not really indicating any progress and will then say that it is extracting the update/software. When you see this, disconnect from the Internet, or if on a network and you don’t want to affect other users, disable your network connection.

When your iPhone reboots, fire up your Internet connection or enable your network connection again and you’re good to go!


Panasonic UK’s retail store is up and corrected

February 18, 2009

For a few days after the the Panasonic UK online store was swamped by people trying to get their hands on 1p LCD TVs and Blu-Ray players, it looks like the site is up and running and is ready to take on those with cookies still on their PC with items in the basket for a penny.

I went back today to see if the site had re-opened, which it had. To my surprise, the basket status showed that I had 1 item worth £0.01 in there. Clicking through took me to the shopping basket where red text at the top of the page told me that the price “…has changed from 0.01 to 244.99.”



Panasonic Offers Electricals for 1p, Site Goes Down

February 15, 2009

Yesterday, someone had spotted items on Panasonic UK’s online store listed for a whopping 1 pence! These weren’t small clearance items such as fuses, cables or ancillaries, the items listed for £0.01 included TVs and Blu-Ray players. The observant shopper then posted the offer on HotUKDeals where the deal didn’t get as good a reception as a genuine deal, probably due to the blatant mis-price and the tendency of such mis-priced orders being cancelled.


According to one poster, the mis-price was publicised further, on the local news (unclear if this was radio or TV). By early evening, the 1p items began to show as out of stock and then later on the entire site was closed and replaced with a message saying the site was being upgraded.



Someone at the retailers office might get a shouting at on Monday morning, being the web, maybe today. This could have been a genuine/foolish error, or a good way of bumping up the numbers for anyone enquiring about the visitor figures this month.