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Facebook Takes Friendfeed Under Its Wing

August 10, 2009

facefeed friendbook friendfeed facebook Friendfeed, a content aggregator, has been acquired by Facebook, who, besides Twitter are another major rival in the battle for users even though the services can be complimentary.

I have an account at FriendFeed but only use it to aggregate all my content and activity from sites such as Youtube, Flickr and Twitter and occasionally read other people’s feeds. I don’t use it much but then, I use Facebook even less.  FriendFeed became even more interesting when it went ‘real-time’ and comments from users appeared as they were submitted, turning comment threads into a bustling chatroom. This is used to great effect by Leo Laporte, where he creates a new post on FriendFeed at the start of a show and users comment away as if it was a dedicated chatroom. Not long after this addition, I was expecting to see something similar on Facebook.

According to the Facebook release at Mashable, where I first saw news of this takeover, FriendFeed will operate as is for the time being until they figure out what they want to do with it.

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Did you get your Facebook Vanity URL?

June 13, 2009

facebook_logo At 0000hrs EST, the rush for Facebook’s vanity URLs began. Getting a vanity URL meant that out of Facebook’s 200million people, your acquaintances wouldn’t have to search for you by name and recognise you from the picture, for example, like Twitter, FriendFeed, Myspace, Qik et al. you can just direct friends to

As with domains, there has been a rush to grab sought after names, brands, memes, phrases and totally random URLs. I grabbed mine, here are some other fruity ones: – yes facebook uses PHP (via Techcrunch) – oh really – as opposed to /left4dead – no sign of an account at /china /africa /india and so on – there are a plethora of alphabet URLs /ppppp etc.

Most likely a deliberate move, /jesus hasn’t been registered and probably isn’t available. Bad luck for all the Jesuses out there. At the time of writing either /Forza3 has been claimed by Turn10 or just hasn’t been registered. Did you get the URL you were after?

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