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Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Now Open!

November 19, 2009

Microsoft Office 2010beta logo If you have been waiting for the public beta of Microsoft Office 2010 to open up, or waiting for the email inviting you, the wait is over.

Head on over to the Office 2010 Beta Page to sign up, get your key and download it. There are 32bit and 64bit versions on offer. I myself went for the 64bit version after having built a new computer with Windows 7 64bit on it!

Microsoft office send a smile With the beta, as in the previous Technical Previews, a small app will be installed which shows up in Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features (depending on your version of Windows) called Microsoft Office Send-a-Smile. This will start up with Windows and display 2 emoticons in the system tray, near the clock, which you can click if you like or hate something. The app will then send a screenshot and allow you to add a comment regarding the feature that made you smile or frown. Please make use of this as it only serves to make Office better (depending on your comments) if the Office team get your feedback!

From the FAQ, the Beta will be active until October 31, 2010, so you have a good length of time to try it out and settle in.


Windows 7 RC1 Available to All

May 5, 2009

windows-7-logo In a third post about Microsoft, if you are a “PC” or are looking to try out the next iteration of Windows…Windows 7, then you may be happy to hear that it is now available to download.

Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 can be downloaded now from here: Windows 7 RC1 Download. Microsoft makes use of a Java based download manager so ensure you have an up-to-date version of this from Sun..or Oracle, whoever they are now.

Alternatively, here are some plain URLs which you can paste into your browser…so they don’t see me as referrer 🙂 If simply pasting into the browser doesn’t work and takes you to the Windows 7 download page as above, paste the link directly into your download manager of choice, e.g. Downthemall extension for Firefox.

Windows 7 RC1 32bit:

Windows 7 RC1 64bit:

I can’t wait to try out the remote media sharing and XP virtualisation as mentioned by Paul Thurrott. All I need now is a CPU that supports virtualisation. This release of Windows 7 will work until the 1st of June, 2010 but you will get shutdowns after two hours from the 1st of March, 2010!

Windows 7 Download Page [via Neowin]


2.5 million Windows 7 Beta Keys! Links down :(

January 9, 2009

It was announced at Microsoft’s CES 09 keynote, two days ago, that the official Windows 7 beta will available on Friday the 9th of January. 2.5 million keys are supposed to be up for grabs but demand has hit Microsoft’s systems responsible for handling the distribution.

Having waited for the Windows 7 site to change and for links to the beta download page to circulate around the news sites and message boards, I managed to start the download which stalled and wouldn’t resume. Posters on various forums are seeing the same thing. Having gone back to the TechNet beta download page, only the notice “Windows® 7 Beta coming soon!” remains.


Even before this problem, the link to obtain the download and key were giving Server Busy messages so it hasn’t been plain sailing. I don’t recall these problems with the Vista beta. Either demand is higher or resources at Microsoft have been hit by the ‘credit crunch.’ No doubt, the download will be back online soon enough.