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Additional Updates Available for the Nokia N97

July 16, 2009

Hot on the heels of the v11 update for the UK version of the sim free Nokia N97, is an update for a few items on the N97 as well as a much needed optimisation.

The SW Update app, pre-installed on the handset provides the following updates:

Maps 3.1 – shows as v3.01 within the Maps application after update, Maps starts quicker for me;
N97 C: Phone Memory Update 7.1 – freed up approximately 8MB for me;
N-Gage application 1.3 – N-gage client for the N97;
Nokia Messaging 10.0 – Nokia’s standalone email client, not to be confused with the inbuilt email client;
Ovi Contacts 1.20 – A Nokia Beta Labs chat product with location and presence.

These updates may not appear over your mobile network provider’s data channel so try connecting over wifi. You may have to set your wifi connection as the primary connection in the Internet or WAP ‘Destinations’ to ensure it is used.


V11 Update for Sim-Free Nokia N97 UK Available

July 13, 2009

N97 Software Version - Today, the v11.0.021 update for the UK variant of the sim free N97 has finally gone live. For those who were considering switching to the Euro product codes, you no longer need to do so. I have a Black UK handset on product code 0585162 which updated successfully.

Your methods for updating are as follows…

swupdateicon Using Over The Air update: on your phone go into Applications > SW Update. The SW Update application will check for an update, if one is available you will be asked if you want to update. As always, ensure your phone is fully charged and that you carry out a backup of essential data.

Ovi Suite: If you have Nokia’s beta version of the Ovi Suite installed on your PC, after connecting the N97, you can go to Tools > Software Updates. This will check for available updates which you can install from here also by clicking on update and following the instructions in the program.

Nokia Software Updater: Much like the update tool built into the Ovi suite and available with previous versions of Nokia’s PC Suite, this is also a PC based app but dedicated to updating your device.

A list of changes included in the update can be found over at