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Panasonic UK’s retail store is up and corrected

February 18, 2009

For a few days after the the Panasonic UK online store was swamped by people trying to get their hands on 1p LCD TVs and Blu-Ray players, it looks like the site is up and running and is ready to take on those with cookies still on their PC with items in the basket for a penny.

I went back today to see if the site had re-opened, which it had. To my surprise, the basket status showed that I had 1 item worth £0.01 in there. Clicking through took me to the shopping basket where red text at the top of the page told me that the price “…has changed from 0.01 to 244.99.”



Panasonic Offers Electricals for 1p, Site Goes Down

February 15, 2009

Yesterday, someone had spotted items on Panasonic UK’s online store listed for a whopping 1 pence! These weren’t small clearance items such as fuses, cables or ancillaries, the items listed for £0.01 included TVs and Blu-Ray players. The observant shopper then posted the offer on HotUKDeals where the deal didn’t get as good a reception as a genuine deal, probably due to the blatant mis-price and the tendency of such mis-priced orders being cancelled.


According to one poster, the mis-price was publicised further, on the local news (unclear if this was radio or TV). By early evening, the 1p items began to show as out of stock and then later on the entire site was closed and replaced with a message saying the site was being upgraded.



Someone at the retailers office might get a shouting at on Monday morning, being the web, maybe today. This could have been a genuine/foolish error, or a good way of bumping up the numbers for anyone enquiring about the visitor figures this month.


Don’t like shopping in PC World, what about Microsoft World?

February 13, 2009

Just read on James Senior’s blog that Microsoft has released a press release saying they have hired David Porter, the former Head of Worldwide Distribution at Dreamworks SKG. His new role will be to improve the consumer purchasing experience of PCs and Microsoft products as well as overseeing the opening of retail stores.

REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 12, 2009 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that David Porter will join the company as corporate vice president of Retail Stores. He will lead Microsoft’s efforts to create a better PC and Microsoft retail purchase experience for consumers worldwide through the development and opening of the company’s own retail stores. Read More

You may have read about Microsoft’s real-life stores that wasn’t open to the public on Long Zheng’s blog last month. Was this really a shop to demonstrate Microsoft’s retail technologies, was it a prototype store as part of the company proposal or a bit of both?

As with most things Microsoft, if any stores do open up they will be in the US first. Why not, it is a US company after all? I personally think that while Microsoft stores are opened in the US, they probably won’t extend to creating a chain of stores in other parts of the world, instead focusing on the improvement of the purchasing process through existing retailers. If a store does open outside the US, like Apple, the UK and other countries may see a central flagship store whose performance will be monitored before diving in and opening a full chain of stores.