Stop Google.com Redirecting to Your Local Google

March 1, 2009

googleicons In my Firefox bookmarks toolbar I have two bookmarks for Google, one for Google.com and the other for Google.co.uk – where the “pages from the UK” radio button is already selected.

It was a minor inconvenience that my efficient search setup had broken when Google began to redirect attempts to visit Google.com and send visitors to their local Google site, in my case Google.co.uk. The reason for visiting the .com variant was the varying results available compared to the Google UK site even if “pages from the UK” wasn’t selected.

To remedy the redirect situation and stay at Google.com use the following URL:


I saw the text “Go to Google.com” at the bottom of the localised Google.co.uk page and looked at the link to see what was different about it compared to just typing in Google.com into the address bar. I’m not sure what the NCR refers to, maybe it means No Country Redirect. The non-redirecting URL does its job and is now my new Google.com bookmark!

tags: google, redirect, localisation, internet


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