Slingplayer for N95, Series 60 is here!

September 27, 2007

 The long awaited SlingPlayer Mobile for Series 60 has come out of beta and is available to buy from Sling Media. I got word of it from a thread over at My-Symbian, thanks to a post by BentL. The Sling Media Press Release states three different prices depending on the currency used to make a purchase and presumably the country a purchase is made from:

Sling Media is making this version of SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS software available to customers in the U.S., Canada and in the UK on a select number of Nokia handsets at launch, and plans to extend support for additional handsets in the near future. The retail price of the application is $29.99 U.S., $34.99 CAD and £19.99 GBP, including VAT. To download the application, please visit http://downloads.slingmedia.com.

Fortunately, I have a contract with Three in the UK which comes with a SlingBox and the SlingPlayer for Series 60 handsets. One downside was the lack of a full screen option which I hope is in this retail version as per the description on the Sling Software Shop.

What’s in SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS v1.0?
Offering a familiar SlingPlayer Mobile experience, this version lets users

  • Conveniently switch among video input devices ranging from basic cable, digital cable or satellite receiver, to DVR and DVD players
  • Fully control programming via full menus and intuitive icons
  • Watch TV in different viewing modes such as Full Screen (my emphasis) and Audio Only, and adjust video screen size/ aspect ratio
  • Enjoy stereo audio and listen via Bluetooth headset where supported by mobile device
  • Stream from Slingbox with advanced connectivity such as 3G and beyond cellular connection (e.g. HSDPA) or WiFi where supported by mobile device

This version of the SlingPlayer Mobile works best with the Nokia N95, Nokia N75, and Nokia E65.

Links: My-Symbian, SlingMedia Press Release, SlingPlayer for Series60


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