Want a Joost Invite? Post a comment!

May 4, 2007

I have a bunch of Joost invites to give away, the site is quite quiet so I’ll try to dish out around 100-200 invites (in total) if that many requests come along..or until I get RSI 😉 I’ll give it until midnight on the 6th.

Oh don’t forget to leave your email, preferably in a non-harvestable format like
joe [dot] bloggs [at] bumby [dot] com
or something of your choosing 🙂


Note this is posted across two other mirror sites.


Keywords: Joost beta invites invite giveaway



  1. Give me one please!!!!
    ahall105 [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Damn, that was quick, 1 invite on its way!

  3. weeeeeeeee! (thanks)
    alexdow at gmail… you know the rest 😉

  4. CAN I PLEASE HAVE AN INVITE??????????????????

  5. Thanks for doing this; I’d like one too!

    threewholesteps *at* gmail ¡dot¡ com

  6. done!

  7. Hey…

    That sounds fantastic.

    Could you please send me an invite as well.


  8. Sent!

  9. Can you send me one please? It would be greatly appreciated.

    absolutcl [at] g*m*a*i*l


  10. I’d love to have one, too. Please !


  11. hey can i have a joos invite thanks it would be appreciated

  12. hey i’d love an invite as well if you still got em. That would be greatly appreciated, cheers.



  13. hi there,
    i would really love to have a joost invite please. i cant wait to have joost. Please send me one invite. my add is lohzhichao@gmail.com. Thanks:))

  14. hello

    Would appreciate an invite to joost. Hope its not too late. email : sapty1 [at] gmail [dot] com


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