Browser address-bar becomes keyword bar…no more URLS!

April 23, 2007

OpenDNS logo Ever wondered if it was possible to access your favourite websites without having to click a bookmark or type in the URL including the .com or .net etc  into the addressbar after the name of your favourite sites.

OpenDNS is allowing users to create shortcut keywords to their favourite sites, allowing them to bypass the process of entering an whole URL or using bookmarks. It’s like AOL’s Keywords except you assign the keywords to the sites you want to visit, for free.

I often visit AVForums.com messageboards and have this and other favourite sites placed on the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox. I would prefer to access these links from the keyboard, typing a keyword or the site-name into the browser’s addressbar, unfortunately I am at the mercy of the browser’s search (Google, MSN etc) to direct me to what it thinks I want, or search engine results.

Thankfully, now I can utilise keywords of my choosing to bring up sites or pages that I want.  No longer do I have to type avforums into the address bar, only for the browser to bring up avforums.com, I can actually make it bring up the messageboard of my choice as defined by the link at OpenDNS.

Go ahead, create an account, and start creating keyword shortcuts to your favourite sites. Oh, you will also have to configure your computers to use OpenDNS’s DNS instead of the one provided by your ISP, this way it can catch your keywords and serve up your preferred URL!

Links: OpenDNS, Ars Technica

Keywords: OpenDNS, DNS, URL, shortcuts, keywords, browser, addressbar

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