London Bridge Lighting – identifies owners of Bluetooth Devices

February 14, 2007

As a part of Switched On London, a number of landmarks in London have been lit up using LEDs.  A few of the displays are interactive and the most interesting (to me, at least) of these is the lighting on London Bridge.

Bluetooth monitoring units at either end of the bridge are linked to lighting on the side of the bridge itself. As a Bluetooth device passes by the monitoring units work out where on the bridge you are and the lighting reacts accordingly by following the movement of the device.

That should come in handy if you plan on getting yourself a Bluetooth enabled device and not some pre-pay handset circa Caveman-era on a five finger discount. Alternatively, you could just observe the ‘art’ in action from the riverbank.

The lights have been running since the 8th of February and will be on until February 16.

Switched On London
London Bridge Project


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