Epic Games VP Mark Rein: "…no Gears demo…"

October 17, 2006

An update on my previous post about the sighting of a Gears of War Demo image in the header for the UK Xbox Live Marketplace page…

It turns out that all the hype has kicked off on the Epic Games forum resulting in a plethora of messages wondering if there will be a demo and if it will be charged for due to the presence of a Microsoft Points logo.

Here is what Mark Rein had to say on the matter when asked for comment by fellow forum member tjohoo:

“Comment on what? I don’t see Gears of War in that list. There is no Gears demo and there won’t be before launch. I suspect that is a generic header with the Gears image in it. There aren’t any plans at the moment to make a demo of Gears. We have other things we’re going to be working on as soon as Gears has gone gold but I can not elaborate on them at this point in time.” [Link]

There you have it…no demo before launch!  🙂

Source: Epic Games Forums


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