Indian Midget Laying it Down – Funniest Thing Ever!

October 5, 2006

Just got word of this after someone linked to it on the forums at Overclockers. It’s the funniest video I have ever seen and am probably ever likely to see, the midget, the dancing, the dodgy character stopping the tape and the music LOL!

Woman: “What is this stupid dance so early in the morning, go out all of you, get lost.”
Woman to the DJ aka Rajnikanth: “my little darling, why don’t you take some rest? take some rest”
Little dude aka Thavakalai: “give me a beedi”  beedi = rollup
DJ dude aka Rajnikanth: “little kids shouldn’t smoke beedi”
Little dude aka Thavakalai: “10 years older than you I am, darling. give me a beedi, you will”
DJ dude aka Rajnikanth: “And if I refuse”
Little dude aka Thavakalai: “Chop your head, I will”
DJ dude aka Rajnikanth: “Here, master” *hands over beedi*

Translation courtesy of this video HERE.


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