Nintendo Wii Japan Conference Info

September 14, 2006

Nintendo Wii There was alot of buzz in the run-up to Nintendo’s press conference in Japan with expectations of release dates and prices. The larger gaming sites had the conference covered and gleaned the following info after translation…

The Nintendo Wii will be released in Japan on December 2nd, the package will come with the following:

  • Wii console;
  • Wii remote and strap;
  • nunchuck attachment (/Bruce Lee mode ON);
  • Wii AC adaptor;
  • Wii A/V cable;
  • Wii console stand;
  • sensor bar (a what now?);
  • sensor bar stand and two AA batteries (maybe it’s an infra red receiver bar for the top of the TV?).

The price is reported to be 25,000 Yen.
The Wii remote will be 3,800 Yen, 1,800 Yen for the classic controller and 1,800 for the nunchuck attachment, should you break it on your friend’s head.

Wii Fanboy


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