XNA Game Studio Express Beta

September 5, 2006

It’s been a few days since Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express beta has been available and I still havent had the chance to give it a whirl! I’m listening to Major Nelson’s weekly podcast (MP3/WMA) and his interview with Chris Satchell about XNA and the future of home game development. The talk of getting a game up and running in 90 seconds is tempting me to fire the thing up now.

If you want to give XNA a go here are some handy links..
XNA Home
XNA Game Studio Express Home – and download link
XNA Spot – hands on tutorials and examples – really good!
Learn XNA blog
XNA Homebrew – All sorts of stuff regarding XNA and homebrew dev
Asteroid Defence – 601 lines of code, built using XNA GSE beta

I haven’t really got any ideas for games yet but I’m hoping something will brew up as I’m learning the concepts involved with XNA.

Give it a go!


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