Zune Zune Zune…eh Zune Zune Zune….oh, that’s Mazda

July 22, 2006

After all the rumours of Microsoft entering the portable entertainment device market, despite the existence of the Play For Sure scheme with partners who make such devices…

Zune MeatheadZune will be a brand with devices designed around the idea, probably allowing interaction, incorporation and interoperability between devices. The first of the Zune devices/projects will be a music and entertainment device according to Microsoft’s GM of marketing, Chris Stephenson [via Engadget]

A later update to Engadget’s post reports that a report in Billboard confirms that a number of devices are planned, not just around music but video and possibly gaming. The nature of the devices is likely to be wireless allowing freedom of entertainment and going with the interoperability theme, will allow music and video..maybe games..to be received on other devices like the Xbox 360 or PC alongside portable devices.

The lid has been lifted and the viral marketing has officially begun! Here’s the first, of probably many, links to marketing stuff: comingzune.com. On the site is an animation of some meathead man stroking his rabbit then, along comes a small mini-man and joins in with the stroking and then hugs the rabbit from behind..don’t ask me, it’s all about the Zune! Maybe the hidden meaning is that the Zune will have an iPod style click-wheel that can be stroked and it might be called a rabbit-wheel…

Comingzune.com [links open in a new window]
Engadget – Microsoft Confirms Zune Project


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