Registering a domain – don’t search until ready to buy

June 23, 2006

Ever wanted to buy a domain or just wanted to check availablilty and pondering the purchase? Well, next time you deiced to run that search for a domain name…DON'T!

Don't run a search until you are actually ready to make a purchase there and then. The reason for this is that I suspect something fishy is going on. I was looking to purchase a domain, ran an availability search at a well-known domain registrar, saw it was available and thought I would come back later in the day to order it. Fact is, I never got around to it, a week or so later I'm looking to order the domain I searched for on godaddy and another availability check shows that it has been registered! WTF! I goto the domain that was taken, lo-and-behold the domain was parked by the well-known-registrar.

I thought something funny went down on a previous search a year ago but thought it was my mind playing tricks. I'm going to run a domain check on a few names and see what becomes of them. The domains are adiosbingo.com, testcatch.com, testtrap.com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.us/.tv/.ws/.name and fredderpepper.com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.us/.tv/.ws/.name.

I'll check out what happens to them in a few weeks time.

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