Xbox 360 Dashboard Update – Coming Soon

May 26, 2006

Earlier this week a number of people noticed a few articles on Microsoft's Knowledge Base pertaining to some interesting features that currently don't exist on the public Xbox 360 Dashboard.

Kotaku has been in contact with those in the know at Microsoft and managed get a rundown of what we should be expecting "…around next Friday [2nd June]". The article comes with pictures making it easier to see what you should expect.

The update will include the long awaited Boot to Dashboard. Now you have the choice, you can choose to scramble for the disc tray when you remember that you need to visit the Live Marketplace or to activate the 'Boot to Dashboard' option and load up the Dashboard only.

Another important part of the update is the Background Download Manager. Yes, now you can download from the Live Marketplace and leave it running in the background whilst you play a game or listen to music, no ware watching the download bar or flicking to TV!.

The mangled Live Marketplace categories look to get a re-organisation too, it still looks like a bit of a mess but I'm sure it will improve things for many people.Also there is an update allowing videos to be Fast-forwarded or re-wound, incase you like Natasha Bedingfield and her superjaw.

Get the full info with pictures here [links open in a new window]


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